Fall 2017


5:30-6:00                         Group Guitar                   Ages 6-12

6:30-7:00                         Group Piano                     ​Ages 7-12

7:00-8:00                         Guitar Ensemble             All Ages, Intermediate-Advanced


9:30-10:00                        Preschool Piano Prep  Ages 3-5 years

10:00-10:30                      Parent & Me Music       Ages Infants - 5 years

10:30-11:00                      Preschool Rockers        Ages 3-5 years

4:30-5:30                           Violin Ensemble             Ages 6-14 Beginner - Intermediate

5:30-6:00                           Piano Roadtrip               Ages 4-6  Beginner

​6:00-7:00                           Deluxe Piano                  Ages 6-14 All Skill Levels


3:00-4:00                           Deluxe Piano                  Ages 5-12 All Skill Levels

​4:30-5:30                           Deluxe Piano                 Ages 6-14 All Skill Levels

5:30-6:30                           Deluxe Piano                 Ages 5-12 All Skill Levels

Buddy lessons are conducted as semi-private.  Two students share​ a lesson which supports peer learning and individualism. 

​​​Group lessons

We provide music education in many day cares, preschools, and private schools throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties. 

From young babies through school age children, we share music education through singing, dancing, and many instruments.


​Children's Classes

Group and private instrumental lessons are taught throughout senior communities in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  We also offer an intergenerational program where children, parents, and seniors enjoy music together as a community.

​​Private Lessons


Private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis. We offer daytime and evening time slots. We do our absolute best to accommodate your lesson time preference along with our teacher availability.

Please, call to discuss what time slots are available.

Local schools

senior communities

Group lessons offer the opportunity for students to work in a peer setting at a reduced tuition rate.​​  Classes consist of 4-6 students.

Parent & Me.

Students and parents, grandparents, or caregivers participate together in a 




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A Look Into Our Classes: